Look Who’s WET! healthy when wet

Look Who’s WET!  healthy when wet

Must See Video: Story of Bottled Water (8 minutes)

Under $200 for $4000 water Video with David Corbin. Best Selling Author, Inventor, and Renown Speaker.

We at The Beyond Festival are proud to announce our partnership with Healthy When Wet as our source for providing good, clean water with out plastic bottles at our festivals! After researching the market we believe that Healthy When Wet offers the best solutions to several of today’s big problems. We pride ourselves in going Beyond Business As Usual and are continually pleased to find Healthy When Wet to have the same values, principles and commitments to our future and look forward to a long, healthy relationship!

About Our Main Product Learn Why This Pitcher is Unlike Any Water Pitcher

The OH- Earns The Healthy When WET

5 Star Rating For Being The Complete Package.

It removes up to 99.99% of toxins, enhances the healthy properties of water, is inexpensive, has a very low environmental impact and it is part of a movement to end bottled water. That''s amazing for a water pitcher!

Most of us can use a little help with chemistry and OH- (OH minus) reminds us of the formula for negatively charged water. The OH- molecules in Optimal Water act as a strong anti-oxidant neutralizing harmful free radicals in the body.

The minus “-“ reminds of a number of things that are missing when we make fresh water with our pitcher.

The OH- makes water that is missing the toxins that are in other waters and the high price and guilt that comes with bottled water. Now those are a few things we can all do without.

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